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Jan Peter Van Opheusden

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VAN OPHEUSDEN  Jan Peter The Queen
Category: Acrylic / canvas
Dimension: 150.00 x 150.00 cm
Auction House: Glerum
Auction: Jun 7, 2010
Place:   Amsterdamnl
Lot number: 196

Auction Catalogue
VAN OPHEUSDEN  Jan Peter Sans Titre [nu Couché].
Category: Lithograph / colors
Dimension: 62.50 x 89.50 cm
Net Price
Auction House: Ferraton
Auction: May 16, 2009
Place:   Brusselsbe
Lot number: 439

Auction Catalogue
2 result(s) found, displaying 2, from 1 to 2. Page 1 / 1
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