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Pietro Donzelli

(1452 -  1509 )
DONZELLI Pietro The Madonna Adoring The Christ Child, The Infant Saint John The Baptist Standing Nearby

Dec 11, 2003
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Variants on Artist's name :

Donzello Del Pietro


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Pietro Donzelli - Saint Julian The Hospitaller

Pietro Donzelli - Saint Julian The Hospitaller



Gross Price
Lot number: 504
Pietro del Donzello (Florence 1452–1509)
Saint Julian the Hospitaller, inscribed on the reverse: Perugino, oil on panel, 41.9 x 27.5 cm, framed

We are grateful to Professor Filippo Todini, who has identified the present painting as a work by Pietro del Donzello (written communication, 2012).

We also thank Dr. Nicoletta Pons for her assistance in establishing the picture\’\’\’\’ s iconography.

Both iconographically and stylistically, this painting is an interesting new discovery. It was formerly attributed to a number of artists from the circle of Perugino. ProfessorTondini has now identifying it as a work by the Florentine Renaissance painter Donzello. In the background an unusual representation of northern European Gothic architecture is depicted clearly influenced by Flemish Renaissance painting and illuminated manuscripts. Pietro del Donzello belonged to a generation of artists in Florence who were influenced by international artisitic developments and party to the great revolutions in style taking place at this time.

In the present work it can be seen that the artist was acquainted with the works of Lorenzo di Credi, Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Perugino. Donzello is first mentioned in 1480. A pupil of Giusto di Andrea, he was also the author of diverse allegorical representations such as the Personification of Lombardy for the Sala dell\’\’\’\’Udienza in the Palazzo della Signoria, which is known to us today through archival sources. In 1488 he was in Naples, where he collaborated on the decoration of Poggio Reale. Donzello created a Madonna with similar facial features in his Annunciation in the Cappella Frescobaldi in Santo Spirito in Florence, payment for which was documented in 1498. Thus it can be assumed that the panel in question was produced at roughly this time. The artist also depicted a Saint John the Evangelist in a fresco in the Palazzo dei Vicari e Museo dei Ferri taglienti in Scarperia which is similar to this painting\’\’\’\’s Saint Julian. Before he was identified as the artist, some works by Donzello, above all small panels for cassoni (for example the Tornabuoni-Albizzi panels in the Frick Collection, New York), were catalogued under the name of the \‘Master of 1487\’\’\’\’ .

Donzello appears to have been an artist, who, delighting in highly imaginative and narrative detail, co-implemented artistic developments and transferred the achievements of the Florentine High Renaissance to smaller formats which were intended for the private context. The use of Gothic architectural forms places Donzello close to the Master of the Campana Cassoni, who occasionally depicted similar architecture.

Dr. Nicoletta Pons has identified the Saint depicted here as Saint Julian the Hospitaller, a penitent whose vita is known from Jacobus de Voragine\’\’\’\’s Legenda Aurea. Having unwittingly killed his parents, Julian made a pilgrimage to Rome and later settled beside a river (either the Gardon in Provence, or the Potenza near to Macerata), establishing a hospital for travellers (hence the sobriquet Hospitaller) and conveying them across the river. The Flemish National Church of San Giuliano dei Fiamminghi in Rome is dedicated to him.
Pietro Donzelli - The Madonna Adoring The Christ Child, The Infant Saint John The Baptist Standing Nearby

Pietro Donzelli - The Madonna Adoring The Christ Child, The Infant Saint John The Baptist Standing Nearby

Original 1498


Lot number: 11

tempera on panel
PROVENANCESir Edward Mortimer Mountain, 1st Bt. (1872-1948); Thence by descent.
EXHIBITED Leeds, Exhibition of Works of Art, 1868.
CATALOGUE NOTEPietro, along with his brother Ippolito (c.1456-1494), gained
his name "del Donzello" after his father became a government
messenger in Florence (donzello della Signoria). The
brothers are documented in the land registry (catasto) of
Florence in 1480, thus confirming that they were not of Neapolitan
origins as had once been thought. Few altarpieces and easel
paintings by Pietro have survived, and this appears to be largely
due to the fact that he was principally a craftsman employed in
painting standards and shields. His earliest documented commission
is a standard representing An Allegory of Lombardy for the
Sala dell'Udienza, Palazzo della Signoria, in 1483 (untraced), and
he is also recorded as having painted a number of shields and
standards (drappelloni) for the Opera del Duomo in
Florence between 1503 and 1507. Though undocumented, Pietro may
have accompanied his brother to Naples in 1488 to carry out fresco
decorations at Poggio Reale (since destroyed).
Pietro's known oeuvre is quite small and the only surviving
documented work is an altarpiece of the Annunciation in
the Frescobaldi chapel, Church of Santo Spirito, Florence, painted
by the artist in 1498: for a list of his works see E. Fahy,
Some Followers of Domenico Ghirlandaio, New York &
London 1968, pp. 220-221. That painting, like the present panel,
demonstrates the overriding influence of Domenico Ghirlandaio and
Lorenzo di Credi. The modelling of the figures gives them a
marmoreal appearance and the detail with which the vegetation in
the foreground is described finds comparisons in the works of Di
Credi and in those of his followers at the turn of the century. The
bold, generous folds of the Madonna's drapery are similar to those
of St. Julian the Hospitaler in a picture in the Fitzwilliam Musem,
Cambridge, correctly ascribed to Pietro by Everett Fahy in 1965
(reproduced in J.W. Goodison and G.H. Robertson, Fitzwilliam
Museum Cambridge. Catalogue of Paintings. Vol. II. Italian
Schools, Cambridge 1967, pp. 49-50, plate 6). A date of
execution around 1500 (or shortly afterwards) seems likely for the
present work.
The attribution to Pietro del Donzello is due to Everett Fahy
after inspection of the work in the original (private communication
to the owner, dated 27 August 2001).
Pietro Donzelli - The Madonna And Child With The Infant Saintjohn The Baptist

Pietro Donzelli - The Madonna And Child With The Infant Saintjohn The Baptist



Gross Price
Lot number: 5
Pietro del Donzello (Florence 1452-1509) The Madonna and Child with the Infant SaintJohn the Baptist oil on panel, tondo 36 1/8 in. (91.7 cm.) diameter Provenance Anonymous sale; Sotheby's, London, 12 December 1962, lot 129, as Raffaellino del Garbo (£950), where acquired by the following with Herner Wengraf, London. Art market, Florence. with Giancarlo Baroni, Paris, 1963. Art market, Paris, 1963. Acquired by the present collector in the late 1960s or early 1970s.
Pietro Donzelli - I Rifiuti Del Mare

Pietro Donzelli - I Rifiuti Del Mare



Net Price
Lot number: 206
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