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Richard Brompton

United Kingdom (1734 -  1783 )
BROMPTON Richard Portrait Of A Lady

Mar 9, 2005
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Artworks in Arcadja

Some works of Richard Brompton

Extracted between 6 works in the catalog of Arcadja
Richard Brompton - The Polish Count Franciszek Ksawery Branicki (1731-1819) And His Russian Wife Alexandrine Vassilievna Engelhardt (1754-1838)

Richard Brompton - The Polish Count Franciszek Ksawery Branicki (1731-1819) And His Russian Wife Alexandrine Vassilievna Engelhardt (1754-1838)



Lot number: 31
both full length, he standing, wearing armour, flanked by two
boys, she standing, wearing a white satin dress, blue shawl, and
imperial badges and cyphers

a pair

oil on canvas


Franciszek Ksawery Branicki was the son of Piotr Branicki and
his wife Melania Teresa Szembek. He married in 1781, Alexandrine
Vassilievna Engelhardt. Of their five children, the two included in
the portrait either side of the Count are probably Aleksander and
Wadysaw Grzegorz. Branicki was appointed Podstoli in 1764, and he
was awarded Poland's highest decoration, the Order of the White
Eagle in December 1764. He fulfilled many high ranking government
positions including, Ambassador to Berlin in 1765, Master of the
Hunt of the Crown from 1766 to 1773, Artillery General of Lithuania
from 1768 to 1773, Field Crown Hetman in 1773 and Great Crown
Hetman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1774 to
1794. Clearly a man of great personal character, in 1766 Branicki fought
a pistol duel with the Venetian adventurer and philanderer Giovanni
Casanova over an Italian actress. They were both wounded and
Casanova was expelled from Warsaw as a result. Branicki was an
opponent of the reforms of the Great Sejm (1788-1792) and a
supporter of the Targowica Confederation. During the Ko?ciuszko
uprising in 1794, Branicki was sentenced to death but never
apprehended. He emigrated to Russia with his wife and family and
died in 1819.
Alexandrine was the eldest niece of Potemkin, and lady in
waiting to Empress Catherine the Great of Russia during her long
reign from 1761-1796. In this portrait Alexandrine wears the
ribands and the badge of the Order of Saint Catherine of Russia,
the Imperial Cypher of Catherine the Great. The Order of Saint
Catherine had been founded by Peter the Great in 1714 as an award
to ladies from Russia's highest nobility, and to high ranking
foreign female royalty. It was first awarded for bravery during the
Russian campaign against Turkey in 1711 to Peter's second wide
Catherine Alekseyevna (1684-1727), who ironically was from humble
Latvian origins, but became wife of Peter the Great and eventually
Empress Consort. Whilst little is known about Richard Brompton, he clearly caught
the attention of an aristocratic and even Royal clientele. He
portrayed the Earl of Northampton, the Duke of York and the Prince
of Wales amongst others. However, Brompton's extravagant personal
habits led to his confinement in the King's Bench Prison for debt
in 1780. His misfortunes were short lived, and he was soon released
to fulfil an appointment as portrait painter to Empress Catherine
of Russia. He travelled to St. Petersburg where he painted two
versions of these portraits (the other versions were last recorded
in the Comtesse M. Branicki Collection in 1909). Brompton died in
St. Petersburg in 1783.
Richard Brompton - A Small Child With A Liver And White Spaniel In A Landscape

Richard Brompton - A Small Child With A Liver And White Spaniel In A Landscape



Net Price
Lot number: 887
Attributed to Richard Brompton
(British, 1734-1782)
A small child with a liver and white spaniel in a landscape
oil on canvas
h:126 w:100 cm
Acquired by the vendor's family in Scotland circa 1950 and by descent.
Richard Brompton was a pupil of Benjamin Wilson and also of Johann Zoffany. He then went to Italy and spent some time in Rome, where he had lessons with Raphael Mengs. He was also introduced to the patronage of the Earl of Northampton, and accompanied the Earl to Venice when the Earl was appointed Ambassador to the Republic.
In Venice Brompton painted a conversation-piece in which he introduced the portraits of the Duke of York and several English gentlemen then on their travels. The picture was afterwards exhibited at the rooms in Spring Gardens in 1763, at which time Brompton returned to England, and for some years practised portrait painting. Extravagant living brought him to the King's Bench, but he was rescued by the Empress of Russia, who requested that he go to St. Petersburg, where he was appointed portrait painter to the Empress, and met with much acclaim and portrait commissions. Richard Brompton died in St Petersburg, Russia, in 1782 and today his work is quite rare.
We are very grateful to Hugh Belsey for his attribution to Richard Brompton.
Lined canvas. Lining has softened some of the areas of impasto. Wear and abrasion in thinner paint passages. Several areas of retouching, especially along the upper edge. Varnish is slightly yellowed. Gilding on frame is slightly worn. One bump to the right-hand side and a rub mark lower centre.
Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Noblewoman

Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Noblewoman



Lot number: 52
Full length, seated in an interior, reading a book, her dog on a
cushion beside

oil on canvas

PROVENANCEWith Agnew 1966
Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Lady

Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Lady



Lot number: 9
DESCRIPTIONoil on canvas
Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Boy With A Whippet, An Eastern European City Beyond

Richard Brompton - Portrait Of A Boy With A Whippet, An Eastern European City Beyond



Gross Price
Lot number: 69
oil on canvas, unframed
brompton, like many of the artists of his time, traveled to rome where he studied with anton raphael mengs. upon his return to london he received a fair number of commissions including a portrait of william pitt, 1st earl of chatham and a group portrait of henry dawkins and his family. however, in 1780, the artist was imprisoned for debt and only released at the bequest of catherine ii of russia. from london he traveled to st. petersburg and remained in that city employed as the court painter until his death in 1783. it has been suggested that the present work was painted during brompton's sejourn in russia however the exact location of the palace seen in the distance remains to be identified.
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