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Frank C. Bromley

United States (1860 -  1890 )
BROMLEY Frank C. Indian Riders Along A Lakeshore

Apr 11, 2005
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Artworks in Arcadja

Some works of Frank C. Bromley

Extracted between 5 works in the catalog of Arcadja
Frank C. Bromley - Sierra Blanca - Sangre De Christa Range Colorado

Frank C. Bromley - Sierra Blanca - Sangre De Christa Range Colorado



Gross Price
Lot number: 322
Artist : Bromley, Frank Clark
Title : Sierra Blanca - Sangre de Christa Range Colorado
Date of Birth and Death : 1859-1890
Medium : Oil on canvas
Dimensions : 32 x 48 inches
Signed : Signed lower left

7176 E Main Street, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85251, United States

CS (1.65%)
SA (7.3%)
Buyer's Premiums:
From (Incl.)
To (Excl.)

Shipping Details:
No InfoAvailable
Payment Details:
Wire instructions:
First Fidelity Bank
7401 E. Camelback Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Account Name: Scottsdale Art Auction
Route # 122105184
Account # 6448301028
We accept all major credit cards and paypal up to$10,000.00
Accepted Payment Methods:
See Payment Details

BUYER\\’\\’\\’\\’SPREMIUM The purchase price payable by the Purchaser
shall be the total of the final bid price PLUS A PREMIUM OF
FIFTEEN PERCENT (15%) on any individual lot in the amount upto
and including $500,000; TWELVE PERCENT (12%) on anyindividual
lot on the amount in excess of $500,000. This premium is inaddition
to any commissions or other charges payable by the consignor.
The art illustrated in this catalogue will be offered for sale onApril 2,
2011 by Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC on premises at 7176 MainStreet,
Scottsdale, Arizona.
Telephone Bidding
As a courtesy to clients who are unable to attend the sale, atelephone
and order (absentee) bid service will be offered as staff and timeallow.
Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC shall not be responsible for any errorsor
omissions or failure to execute such bids. Contact ScottsdaleArt
Auction, LLC at (480) 945-0225 (or register online) early for
arrangements as telephone lines will be allocated on a first comebasis.
Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC will arrange for telephone lines onlots
with a minimum estimate of $5,000 and over.
Absentee Bidding and Fax
Confidential absentee bid orders for auction items may alsobe
completed and will be executed by Scottsdale Art Auction, LLCon
behalf of the Purchaser during the auction. Scottsdale ArtAuction,
LLC shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions orfailure
to execute such intent to purchase orders or auction bids.
This catalogue, as may be amended by posted notice or oralsalesroom
announcement, represents Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC\\’\\’\\’\\’s entireagreement
with any and all purchasers of the Property listed herein. Thefollowing
are Procedures, Terms and Conditions on which all suchProperty
listed is offered for sale by Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC as agentfor
various owners or other Consignors:
1. Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC reserves the right to withdrawProperty
at any time before or at the sale and shall have no liability forsuch
2. All Property will be sold \\“AS IS\\”. With respect to each lotof
Property, Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC does not make anyguarantees,
warranties or representations, expressed or implied, as to
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, thecorrectness of
the catalogue or the authenticity or description of the Property,its
physical condition, size, quality, rarity, importance,medium,
provenance, exhibitions, literature or historical relevance.No
statement, anywhere, whether oral or written, whether made inthe
catalogue, an advertisement, a bill of sale,
a salesroom posting or announcement, or elsewhere, shall bedeemed
such a warranty, representation or assumption of liability. In noevent
shall Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC be responsible forgenuineness,
authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source,origin or
condition of the purchased Property and no verbal statementsmade
regarding the Property either before or after the sale of theProperty,
or in any bill of sale, invoice or catalogue or advertisement orelsewhere
shall be deemed such a guarantee of genuineness, orauthenticity.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if within ten (10) calendar daysafter
the purchase of any lot of Property, the Purchaser provides anopinion
by a recognized authority on the artist and gives notice in writingto
Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC that the lot is not authentic, andreturns
the purchased lot to Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC, within ten (10)days
of its purchase in the same condition as when sold, thenScottsdale
Art Auction, LLC will refund the full purchase price to thePurchaser.
It shall be in the sole discretion of Scottsdale Art Auction, LLCas to
whether the opinion provided by the Purchaser is an opinion bya
recognized authority on the artist.
3. Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC and/or Auctioneer reserves theright
to reject any bids. The highest bidder acknowledged by theAuctioneer
shall be the Purchaser. In the event of any dispute betweenbidders, the
Auctioneer will have absolute and final discretion to eitherdetermine
the successful bidder or to re-offer and resell the Property itemin
dispute. After the sale, Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC\\’\\’\\’\\’s record offinal
sale shall be conclusive.
4. At the fall of the Auctioneer\\’\\’\\’\\’s hammer, the Purchaser shall (a)be
acknowledged by bidder number by the auctioneer, (b) pay thehammer
price and a buyer\\’\\’\\’\\’s premium as outlined above. In addition,Purchaser
may be required to sign a confirmation of purchase. All sales arefinal
with no exchanges or returns.
5. Unless exempted by law, the Purchaser will be required to payany
and all Arizona state and local sales tax or, in the event ofdeliveries
outside the state, it is the Purchaser\\’\\’\\’\\’s responsibility to pay anyapplicable
compensating use tax of another state on the total purchaseprice.
6. Terms for all purchases will be cash, check or credit card
(VISA/MasterCard/American Express) with settlement andpayment
due in full the day of the sale unless otherwise arranged. Allmonies
shall be made payable to Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC. At thediscretion
of Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC, payment will not be deemed tohave
been made in full until funds represented by checks have beencollected
or the authenticity of bank or cashier\\’\\’\\’\\’s checks has beenconfirmed.
Credit cards will not be accepted for purchases in excess of$10,000
on the total amount purchased at the sale.
7. No item of Property may be paid for or removed fromScottsdale
Art Auction, LLC during the sale. After the sale has beencompleted
and after the purchase price has been paid in full, Property mustbe
removed from the saleroom at the Purchaser\\’\\’\\’\\’s expense not laterthan
three business days following the sale. Scottsdale Art Auction, LLCwill,
as a service to Purchasers, arrange to have Property packed,insured
and shipped, all charges at the expense and entire risk ofPurchaser.
8. Some items of Property may be offered subject to a \\“reserve\\”or
confidential minimum price below which the item will not be sold.In
such instances, Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC may implement thereserve
by bidding through the Auctioneer on behalf of the Consignor. Inno
event shall the reserve exceed the low estimate in thecatalogue.
9. Neither Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC, nor Auctioneer, norConsignor
make any representations whatsoever that the Purchaser of a work ofart
will acquire any reproduction rights thereto.
10. These Conditions of Sale and any other applicable conditions,as
well as the Purchaser\\’\\’\\’\\’s and Scottsdale Art Auction, LLC\\’\\’\\’\\’s rightsand
obligations herein shall be governed by, construed and enforcedin
accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona. If theseconditions are
not complied with by the Purchaser, Scottsdale Art Auction, LLCmay,
in addition to other remedies available by law, including,without
limitation, the right to hold the Purchaser liable for the totalpurchase
price stated on the Confirmation of Purchase Invoice, either (a)cancel
the sale and retain as liquidated damages any and all paymentsmade
by the Purchaser or (b) resell the Property privately or at publicauction
on three days\\’\\’\\’\\’ notice to the Purchaser for the payment ofany
deficiency in the purchase price and all costs includinghandling
charges, warehousing, the expense of both sales, thecommissions,
reasonable attorneys\\’\\’\\’\\’ fees, any and all other charges due andincidental
11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these termsand
all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding inperson,
by phone, by Internet, by absentee bid, or through arepresentative.
12. In most instances, sculpture measurements do not include base.In
measurements for two dimensional art, height precedes width anddoes
not include frame.
13. Bidding increments will normally follow the pattern belowbut
may vary at the sole discretion of the Auctioneer.
Estimate Increment Estimate Increment
Under 2,000.............................100 20,000–50,000......................2,500
2,000–5,000 .............................250 50,000–100,000.....................5,000
5,000–10,000............................500 over 100,000........................10,000
Frank C. Bromley - Of River Landscapes

Frank C. Bromley - Of River Landscapes



Net Price
Lot number: 214
A pair of oils, British, circa 1900
Of river landscapes, a pair, together with awatercolour after JMW Turner titled "On the Rhine", a small oil ofa landscape, and a print after Bromley titled "The Girl At TheBrook" (5).
Frank C. Bromley - Untitled (autumn Landscape)

Frank C. Bromley - Untitled (autumn Landscape)



Net Price
Lot number: 18

"Untitled (Autumn Landscape)," oil on canvas,
(framed). Signed. 24" x 38 1/2"
Frank C. Bromley - Indian Riders Along A Lakeshore

Frank C. Bromley - Indian Riders Along A Lakeshore



Net Price
Lot number: 62
private collection, oakland, california
for $5,500 plus premium and tax
20 1/4 x 30 1/4in
oil on canvas
signed 'frank c. bromley' (lower right)
Frank C. Bromley - Coastal Scene

Frank C. Bromley - Coastal Scene

Original 1870


Lot number: 549
(American, active 1860-1890), \\“Coastal Scene\\”, c.1870; oil/canvas, 23.5\\” x 35\\”, signed.
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