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Ayyam Gallery

Ayyam Gallery
Zeitoune Street
Visit Home Page
Zeitoune Street, Beirut, LB

Some artworks auctioned at Ayyam Gallery selected by the database of Arcadja Auctions.
Selected Artworks

Browse the list of auctions held by Ayyam Gallery which Arcadja has followed for you.
Auction list for Ayyam Gallery


Some works sold by Ayyam Gallery

Walid El Masri - 'chairs'

Walid El Masri - 'chairs'

Original 2009

Price: Not disclosed
Lot number: 1
'Chairs' Signed, Dated
120 X 60 cm. Mixed Media on Canvas 2009

The paintings of Lebanese artist Walid El Masri possess what one critic referred to as the
"bravura and technique one rarely finds in the work of someone his age." Born in Beirut
in 1979, he is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus and has participated in
numerous group exhibitions and art fairs at home and abroad, including in Europe, Asia
and the US. Solo exhibitions at the China International Gallery Expo and Art Hong Kong
in 2009, established his popularity with not only Asian collectors but international art
Considered one of the Arab world's most exciting young talents, he has been given solo
shows in Damascus, Dubai and Paris and has been featured in a number of Ayyam's
high profile events such as its competition for emerging artists in 2007 and its "Young
Collectors" auction in 2009. The recipient of several awards, he has won prizes at various
workshops and contests in Syria.
Experiments in palette and composition revolve around a relentless examination of a
singular material subject—a simple chair. Yet this inanimate object possesses a startling
power, as it functions as a point of departure for greater investigations into the fundamental
components of painting.
Like Morandi's vases or Cezanne's apples, El Masri's depictions are less about the objects
themselves. What we find instead is an apparent resolve to reconfigure compositional
properties, as he toys with depth and space, alluding to meditations on art and life and
moments that are suspended in time—profound explorations that have attracted a large
pool of art aficionados from across the Middle East.
Orabi Mohannad - Untitled

Orabi Mohannad - Untitled

Original 2011


Gross Price
Lot number: 1
born 1977 -
Signed, Dated

100 X 90 cm.

Acrylic on Canvas 2011

Mohannad Orabi's whimsical self portraits exemplify what has made Syrian art so successful over the last

sixty years.

born in Damascus in 1977, Orabi graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000.

among his peers he has exhibited in venues across the region, and has participated in collective shows and
festivals in North America, Europe and Asia, including Art Palm beach, Miami international Art Fair, SCOPE

Art Fair (basel).

in China, solo shows at both The international Gallery Expo (CiGE) and Art Hong Kong in
2009, wowed international spectators.
recently his canvases were highlighted in solo exhibitions at Ayyam Damascus, Dubai and beirut and were
part of the gallery's popular exhibition \\“Shabab Uprising,\\” which offered a groundbreaking showcase of

Syria's new wave of contemporary painting.

His work is housed in private collections across the globe.
The emerging artist is as much an individual as he is a continuation of global art trends, capturing the
underlining dichotomy of Arab society while striving to reach new frontiers in aesthetic representation.
With highly stylized characters that emanate with a particular carefree innocence, his portraits are at once
reflective of his fascination with one's childhood experiences as they are investigations into the human spirit.
reproducing variations of embellished figures, Orabi's compositions present his subjects in different scenarios,

each one displaying variations on specific human emotions and interactions.

Whether adorned in traditional
Syrian garb or in contemporary clothing, his protagonists reflect the continued sense of joie de vivre that has

defined modern Arab culture.

Despite what underlining tension might exist between his subjects and the stark
background of his compositions—often executed in flat color fields that stand as glaring contradictions to
his lighthearted figures, which are rendered with bold patterns and sporadic lines— the artist strives to create

a harmonious balance between their oversized bodies and their surroundings.

in essence, the exaggerated
proportions of their features (bulky heads, hollowed almond-shaped eyes and full figures) accentuate their
larger-than-life presence, one that seems to float above the weighty concerns of the world.
Mustafa Ali - 'head In A Tunnel'

Mustafa Ali - 'head In A Tunnel'

Original 2008


Gross Price
Lot number: 33
born 1956 -
'Head in a Tunnel' Signed, Dated

H215 X W46 X D46 cm.

Wood & Bronze 2008

Mustafa Ali, Syria's foremost sculptor, was born in Latakia in 1956.

Known for elegant, monumental sculptures
that pierce the consciousness and underscore the fragility of mankind, he has been widely collected in the
Arab world for nearly three decades.
After training in sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, he continued his studies at the Fine Arts

Academy in Carrara, italy, graduating in 1996.

He has exhibited extensively on the international art circuit since
1979, and has participated in a number of high-profile events such as Latakia Sculpture biennial (where he
was awarded the Golden Prize) (1997), the biennial of Alexandria, Egypt (1994), the Sharjah biennial (1995),
the international Symposium for Sculptors in Valencia, Spain (2001), and Art Dubai (2011) .
Ali's work is housed in private and public collections, including a number of official institutions in Syria such as
the National Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Damascus, in addition to the Jordan National

Gallery in Amman, the Sharjah Museum of Art and the Arab World institute in Paris.

Many of his bronze
and wood sculptures can also be found in public spaces, such as \\“The Gate of Syria,\\” which is on display
in the Mediterranean Olympiad in Pari, italy, and \\“The Tower of Memory,\\” which stands in the Damascus
international Fairground.
indispensible to the Syrian art scene for years, Ali is also the director of the renowned Damascus art center The
Mustafa Ali Art Foundation, which presents exhibitions, workshops, lectures and cultural events throughout

the year to local artists and the public.

Through his work and his nonprofit, Ali has inspired and supported
generations of Syrian artists.
Ahmed Al-Askalany - 'thinker'

Ahmed Al-Askalany - 'thinker'

Original 2010


Gross Price
Lot number: 34
born 1987 -
'Thinker' Signed, Dated, Numerated

33 X 22 X 21 cm.

Bronze Sculpture (Edition 2/8) 2010

Ahmed Al Askalany was born in 1978, Nag Hammadi, Egypt.

He now lives and works in Cairo.

Critics and
art connoisseurs alike have already described Ahmed Askalany as one of the most unique and inimitable

sculptors of his generation.

Making already his Dubai debut at Art Sawa, Askalany will be exhibiting his latest
collection of emotive sculptures entitled \\‘Self Stories: birds & i'.
Askalany's subjects are simple human figures and animals inspired and representative of his native town, Nag

Hammadi, in Upper Egypt.

His work mostly retains an explicit connection with traditional materials and craft

methods associated with the ancient cultures of Egypt.

Traditional aesthetic forms that place an emphasis on
both structure and volume characterize Askalany's works, but the volumes are distorted with a minimal head

on a giant body.

Askalany's works possesses a sense of innocence alongside a state of isolation reflecting
both frankness and candour.

Nonetheless, the works retains a profound nature and sense of innocence.

There is no specific formula that
Askalany uses when creating his works of art, the final work often represents this by becoming humorous

or naïve but always with a poetic sensitivity.

This connection allows his work to become unique and

unmistakable, yet, at the same time, does not stop him being thoroughly up to date.

Speaking about his next
exhibition Askalany commented, \\“My philosophy is simplicity, to convey the idea directly to the viewer without
overcomplicating the message with too much detail".
Askalany's short career has thus far been blessed with success and his latest body of works is sure to be a
favorite amongst the region's art enthusiasts.
Samand Hesamiyan - 'untitled

Samand Hesamiyan - 'untitled

Original 2009


Gross Price
Lot number: 36
born 1977 -
'Untitled 02' Signed, Numerated

145 X 145 X 145 cm.

Aluminium and Paint ( Edition 1/3) 2009

Sahand Hesamiyan was born in Tehran, iran, in 1977 and received his bachelor of Sculpture from Tehran


Primarily interactive and derived from islamic architecture, Hesamianwork extends the intense
relationship between angles, symmetry and structure beyond the mere reflection and repetition of the forms.
His sculptures are large welded dynamic abstract forms of steel that playfully challenge the viewer's perception
of islamic art eradicating the ornament quality often associated with that.
A current member of the managing board for the 6th Tehran Contemporary Sculpture biennial, he participated

in the 1st Sculptural biennial for Urban Space (2008).

He recently exhibited at Mohsen Gallery, Aaran Art
Gallery and Haftsamer Gallery in Tehran and has received national recognition for his work in contemporary
iranian sculpture.
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